/86-year-old veteran sniper still has perfect aim. (VIDEO)

86-year-old veteran sniper still has perfect aim. (VIDEO)

Most of us know, as we age our reflexes slow, eyesight gets worse, and we are not able to do the same things we did when we were younger. 84-year-old Ted Gundy obviously doesn’t follow the rules. The World War II veteran was a sniper and fought at the 1944 Battle of the Bulge.

A video of the man picking up a rifle and making an incredible shot is circulating on the internet and causing jaws to drop.

Mr. Gundy contacted Shooting USA, a TV program because he was curious about the 1,000-yard shots that snipers make in today’s combat situations. The program responded gallantly. They didn’t just answer the veteran’s questions they arranged to bring him to Fort Benning, Georgia so that he could try the feat himself. They also wanted the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit to be able to honor him.

Mr. Gundy got a tour of the National Infantry Museum, was given an honorary “black hat” that represents the sniper unit, and was presented with an exact replica of the rifle he used in the war.

With the 1903 Springfield A4 sniper rifle that was available during his service, 300 yards was the extent of the range. They set Mr. Gundy up with that shot and, somewhat surprisingly, the vet hit the target with three shots at that distance, the last one hitting the bullseye. It turns out, that was just the beginning.

Then they gave Mr. Gundy a modern sniper rifle, a gun that he had never shot or even touched. They set the target at 1,000 yards this time and the results were incredible. Mr. Gundy took three more shots, all hitting