/One Of The Most Powerful Guns

One Of The Most Powerful Guns

The Founder and SEO of the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Ronnie Barrett talks about the most powerful gun that is available on the market.

It is the M107A1 sniper rifle, used by the military and law enforcement, as well as for civilians who have $15.000 spare in their pockets.

It all started with Barrett’s 1st invention, the .50 caliber Barrett M82 which he invented in his garage in 1982, after having a desire to hold and fire a gun that didn’t exist in that time.

Now, this semi-automatic rifle is used by 70 different allied governments under contract with the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, and,…

…with a range of 15.000 yards (13716 Meters), it is definitely one of the most powerful guns available on the market.

With a Suppressor available to make the battlefield participants wonder where the gun fires from, how would you rate it?

Would you consider buying this gun if you have the amount required available?