/USA vs Russia & China Military Inventory Comparison

USA vs Russia & China Military Inventory Comparison

This video by VSB defense is a comparison of the military power of the United States of America, Russia and China.

First off is military manpower. China has military manpower of 2,285,000. Russia, on the other hand, has military manpower of 845,000. The United States has military manpower of 1,459,000.

Next is a comparison of tank strength. China has a total of 9,165 tanks in its arsenal. Russia has a total of 15,446 tanks, and the United States has a total of 8,856 tanks available for deployment.

The third point of comparison between the three nations is total aircraft strength. China boasts 2,947 aircrafts, while Russia has a total of 3,551 aircrafts. Finally, the United States has a roster of 13,448 aircraft units for its aerial defense and offense.

Next is comparison of helicopter strength. China has a total of 803 helicopters for military purposes. Russia, on the other hand, has a total of 1,237 helicopters. …

…The United States has the most number of helicopters among the three nations, amounting to a total of 6,087.

Another important piece of military hardware is the destroyer. A destroyer – also known as a guided missile destroyer – is a fast, long-endurance warship that is designed to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group. …

…A destroyer is also meant to defend larger vessels against smaller, powerful short-range attackers. In China, the military boasts 32 destroyers. In Russia, the military’s destroyer strength is made up of 15 units. In the United States, the military has a total of 62 destroyers at their disposal.

To protect boundaries and territories over water, nations put in a lot of money for the creation of submarines. The Chinese military inventory includes 68 submarines that travel the waters of Asia and beyond. …

…The Russian military inventory includes 60 submarines. Finally, the United States military inventory includes a total of 75 submarines to engage in seas and oceans.