/How Tanks Defend Themselves From Rockets And Missiles

How Tanks Defend Themselves From Rockets And Missiles

Tank is a self-propelled combat vehicle, which is protected by armor against projectiles.

It mostly rolls on tracks and is usually armed as a military vehicle.

This includes the combat armor, i.e. a wheeled vehicle equipped with a revolving guard tower, but also armored vehicles in very different designs, including the wheel armor.

The characteristic features of a tank are the armor protection, mobility in the field and different firepower depending on the application. Between these characteristics, the design engineers of a tank model have to find a compromise.

The armor consists mostly of steel alloys, partly in combination with ceramic and fiber composite polymer layers.

Today, tanks are predominantly powered by diesel engines, some of them also with gas turbines, which in combination with the wheel or chain drive enable off-road driving.

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